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"Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Imaging in Clinical Trials"

About Us

We provide a set of software tools and services to companies and institutions involved in clinical research and clinical trials that optimize the management of medical imaging to increase clinical quality and reduce liabilities.

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Samuel G. Armato III, Ph.D.
Dr. Armato is an Associate Professor of Radiology, Chair of the Committee on Medical Physics, and Faculty Director of the University's Human Imaging Research Office. His work involves the development of computerized techniques for the quantitative analysis of medical images and the assessment of tumor response to therapy. He has extensive experience with interdisciplinary and multi-institutional image-based projects. As the HIRO's founding director, he has worked to shape its mission and services to meet the continually growing needs the University's research community.

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Nick Gruszauskas, Ph.D.
Dr. Gruszauskas is the Technical Director of the University's Human Imaging Research Office. As one of its founding members he helped develop its standard operating procedures as well as its informatics infrastructure, and he has worked to promote its integration within the University's biomedical research community. He previously worked as a researcher in the University's Radiology Department on computer-aided diagnosis and image database development.

Photo credit 2015 Sara Serritella/UChicago ITM