Access Broker Systems

If you do not have accounts to the HIRO's and/or the Electronic Research Data Broker's systems, please use the link below to learn more about the HIRO, the broker systems, and how to obtain accounts.

If you already have accounts for the Electronic Honest Broker or the iBroker and want to access data yourself (rather than submitting a data request through the HIRO), please use the links below to log into the system that you would like to use. These systems can only be accessed from inside the University's/Medical Center's network (or via the VPN).

The EHB website currently uses an older version of data encryption. Although the website still works, your web browser may display a warning message to inform you of this issue when you attempt to visit the site. The newest versions of modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Edge may not allow you to proceed any further.

We have informed UCMIT of this issue. In the meantime, your best options are to either 1) acknowledge and bypass your browser warning if your browser allows this (for older versions of Firefox, by clicking the “Enable TLS 1.0 and 1.1” button, and for older versions of Chrome, by clicking the "Proceed" link), or 2) use a different browser that still allows the older version of encryption (for example, the version of Internet Explorer 11 available on Medical Center workstations).

If you wish to submit a full-service request for data through the HIRO, first log in to the HIRO website using the log in box on the left side of the website. You can then submit an image data request using the "Submit Image Request" button on the left side of the website.

Please remember that in order to submit a request for data through the HIRO, you must have a HIRO account, you must be listed on an IRB protocol that has been registered with HIRO, and you must be given permission to submit image data requests. For information about these items, please see the Tutorials section of the website.