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Clinical Operations Committee

Committee Mission

The goal of the HIRO's Clinical Operations Committee is to help bridge the gap between all of the research and clinical trial imaging that takes place every day and the clinical operations of the Radiology Department. This committee is tasked with helping resolve unique issues that arise with new research studies and developing policies that will guide researchers and radiology personnel with research-related imaging.

Member NameTitle
Sam Armato, Ph.D.Faculty Director, HIRO
Tom Beckman, R.N.Special Procedures Nurse, Radiology
Susan FruthResearch Imaging Coordinator, HIRO
Monica Geyer, CNMTDirector, Radiology
Nick Gruszauskas, Ph.D.Technical Director, HIRO
Alberto Jimenez, CNMTAssistant Director, Radiology
Steve Montner, M.D.Vice Chair of Operations, Radiology (ex officio)
Aytekin Oto, M.D.Chairman, Radiology (ex officio)
Renee Pucik-Maisura, R.N.Manager, IR Procedure Nurses, Radiology
Christopher Straus, M.D.Associate Professor, Radiology
If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact the HIRO's Technical Director.