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HIRO team member wins 2019 BSD award!

Adam Starkey, a member of the HIRO's software development team, has been selected to receive the Research Award at the inaugural BSD "Excellence in Staff" awards! The Research Award recognizes contributions that are integral to research in support of expanding scientific boundaries or discovery which help advance the goals of the BSD. The review committee deliberated and discussed all applications in this category and determined that Adam embodied the spirit of the award. Congratulations Adam!

HIRO publishes new journal article!

The HIRO has published a new journal article! The article highlights challenges to the management of clinical trial imaging, and includes several recommendations to tackle these issues industry-wide. The article, titled "Critical Challenges to the Management of Clinical Trial Imaging: Recommendations for the Conduct of Imaging at Investigational Sites," appears in the February 2020 issue of Academic Radiology and is available electronically now! Click here to get a free copy of the article (link good until 3/14)!

HIRO Presents at PINTAD Meeting!

The HIRO's Technical Director gave presentations at PINTAD's monthly meetings in October and November 2019! The Pharma Imaging Network for Therapeutics and Diagnostics (PINTAD) group provides a forum to evaluate, discuss and recommend methods and strategies for imaging in clinical trials to all stakeholders and is comprised of dozens of members from industry and academia. The HIRO was invited to speak on the perspectives of implementing and standardizing clinical trial imaging at a clinical site.

HIRO provides faster access to research echocardiograms!

After several months of working with CBIS and Cardiology, the HIRO is pleased to announce it now has direct access to echocardiogram images! This will greatly improve the HIRO's speed and efficiency when processing image data requests that include echocardiography exams.

Portable media must now be approved by UCM/BSD Data Guardian Program

All UCM and BSD units, including the HIRO, are working to implement the requirements and recommendations of the UCM and BSD Information Security Offices' Data Guardian Program. Beginning March 31, 2018, the Data Guardian Program will require all portable media used within the BSD to be hardware encrypted. For our users, this means that any USB flash drives or portable hard drives used to transfer HIRO-produced data must meet Data Guardian specifications. The HIRO will not be able to copy data to unapproved media. Please review this entire news item to learn more.

HIRO wins award in the 2017 Hem/Onc Clinical Research Initiative!

The HIRO has won 2nd Place in the University of Chicago Medicine's 2017 Hematology/Oncology Clinical Research Operations Initiative! The purpose of the annual competition, hosted by UCM's Section of Hematology/Oncology, is to educate the section on clinical research challenges and solutions implemented. The HIRO's award-winning abstract focuses on a case study in which the HIRO worked to improve the compliance of imaging in a large cancer clinical trial. The HIRO presented its work on Friday, May 12th at Hem/Onc's Educational Series. We hope you were able to come check us out!

HIRO submits comment to new FDA guidance on clinical trial imaging!

The FDA recently issued a new draft guidance document for clinical trial imaging, Clinical Trial Imaging Endpoint Process Standards; Draft Guidance for Industry. This new guidance is intended to address some of the challenges concerning the standardization of medical imaging in clinical trials. The HIRO submitted a comment to the FDA regarding these guidelines in 2016, and the comment was recently accepted and posted. We hope you had a chance to weigh in on this important issue as well!