Our Mission:

  • To facilitate University of Chicago investigators conducting clinical trials and research studies that require medical imaging
  • To ensure that research-related imaging is performed and distributed in compliance with the research protocol, IRB requirements, and HIPAA regulations

Our goal is to assist investigators and research staff with medical imaging performed on human subjects for clinical trials and research purposes. This includes coordinating imaging for clinical trials as well as the analysis, collection, anonymization and distribution of image data. The purpose of the HIRO is to facilitate the imaging aspects of clinical research so that these protocol-specific examinations are performed and distributed as required by the study protocol and applicable IRB and HIPAA regulations. We also provide access to and support for the University's Broker Systems. Our website is intended to serve as a complete one-stop shop for biomedical researchers to learn about the University's research policies, and it provides access to resources that researchers can use to obtain compliant clinical data.

Getting started...

  • Review the HIRO's Quick Start Guide. More
  • Learn how to obtain reduced-PHI images and data for your research, and/or how to get accounts on the Research Data Broker systems. More
  • Learn how the HIRO can help with your clinical trial's imaging initiation activities and comply with your scan acquisition requirements. More
  • View our Frequently Asked Questions section. More

The HIRO at a glance.

  • Currently assisting with the medical imaging for over 310 active clinical protocols.
  • Fulfilled over 3400 clinical image requests, delivering more than 44.1 million images and associated reports.
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The Heartbleed Bug and the HIRO

The Heartbleed software bug that has come to light over the past few weeks affected a massive number of computer systems on the Internet. The University's IT Services Department has posted an official statement regarding the bug as well as their response at this website. The HIRO has completed a review of its systems and determined that none of its systems (including its website) were affected by the bug. If you have any questions regarding the HIRO's response to Heartbleed, please don't hesitate to contact us.


HIRO will have poster at University's Faculty Technology Day 2014!

The HIRO will have a poster display at this year's Faculty Technology Day! The day's events are intended to showcase the University's different technology efforts and services. The poster session will take place immediately after the last presentation on Wednesday April 16th at 3:15pm in Regenstein Library Room A11.


New HIRO Fee Schedule Released

The HIRO's fee schedule and related policies were updated and circulated on February 20, 2014. The new fee schedule takes effect on March 1, 2014. The full fee schedule and related memos can be reviewed on the Fees page of our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the HIRO.