Our Mission:

  • To facilitate University of Chicago investigators conducting clinical trials and research studies that require medical imaging
  • To ensure that research-related imaging is performed and distributed in compliance with the research protocol, IRB requirements, and HIPAA regulations

Our goal is to assist investigators and research staff with medical imaging performed on human subjects for clinical trials and research purposes. This includes coordinating imaging for clinical trials as well as the analysis, collection, anonymization and distribution of image data. The purpose of the HIRO is to facilitate the imaging aspects of clinical research so that these protocol-specific examinations are performed and distributed as required by the study protocol and applicable IRB and HIPAA regulations. We also provide access to and support for the University's Broker Systems. Our website is intended to serve as a complete one-stop shop for biomedical researchers to learn about the University's research policies, and it provides access to resources that researchers can use to obtain compliant clinical data.

Getting started...

  • Review the HIRO's Quick Start Guide. More
  • Learn how to obtain reduced-PHI images and data for your research, and/or how to get accounts on the Research Data Broker systems. More
  • Learn how the HIRO can help with your clinical trial's imaging initiation activities and comply with your scan acquisition requirements. More
  • View our Frequently Asked Questions section. More

The HIRO at a glance.

  • Currently assisting with the medical imaging for over 290 active clinical protocols.
  • Fulfilled over 4400 clinical image requests, delivering more than 44.1 million images and associated reports.
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Big changes to the HIRO's website coming soon!

The HIRO has been making improvements to its website behind the scenes for the past several months, and we are nearly ready to start rolling them out. The HIRO's website will be upgraded with a new look and feel as well as a number of improvements to our web tools based on our services and user feedback. We are currently planning to roll out our new website on March 18th, 2015. Be on the look out for changes during this exciting time!


HIRO Assists with CT Scans of the Newly Discovered Spinosaurus

Paleontologists Nizar Ibrahim and Professor Paul Sereno published a groundbreaking article in the journal Science in September detailing a new skeleton of Spinosaurus, the largest known predatory dinosaur. To assist with their examination of the skeleton, Drs. Ibrahim and Sereno enlisted the help of radiologist Christopher Straus, M.D. and the Human Imaging Research Office to perform extremely detailed high-resolution CT scans of their fossilized specimens.


HIRO Guest Commentary Published in Modern Healthcare!

Modern Healthcare has published a guest commentary article by the HIRO in its June 27, 2014 newsletter! Modern Healthcare is "the industry's leading source of healthcare business and policy news, research and information." It is ranked No. 1 in readership among healthcare executives and deemed a "must-read" by the who's who in healthcare. The commentary was written by members of the HIRO's leadership and highlights the need for research imaging infrastructure at facilities that wish to conduct clinical research. To read the article, please click here!