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Our goal is to assist University of Chicago investigators and research staff with medical imaging performed on human subjects for research purposes. This includes the acquisition, analysis, collection, anonymization and distribution of image data. We also provide access to and support for the University's Broker Systems, which allow investigators to obtain HIPAA- and IRB-compliant clinical research data. Our website is meant to serve as a complete portal, or "one stop shop," for biomedical researchers to learn about the University's research policies and to provide access to the various resources that researchers can use to obtain compliant clinical data.

HIRO Featured in ITM Newsletter!

The HIRO and its staff have been featured in the November 2015 newsletter of the University's Institute for Translational Medicine (ITM). The article highlights the HIRO's efforts to assist investigators and research teams with all types of imaging-related issues and data. It also provides details regarding the ITM's Core Subsidy funding program that can be used to cover the HIRO's costs for translational research studies. To read the article, please click here!

HIRO Featured in Pathways to Discovery!

The HIRO has been featured in a Winter 2015 article on the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center's Pathways to Discovery Newsletter! The newsletter article discusses the work the HIRO performs and profiles some of its achievements and goals. It also includes interviews with the HIRO's Faculty and Technical Director. Be sure to check it out!

HIRO has poster in the 2016 Quality & Safety Symposium!

The HIRO had a poster in the University of Chicago Medicine's 2016 Quality and Safety Symposium! The annual symposium, hosted by UCM's Office of Clinical Effectiveness, highlights some of the efforts and initiatives of faculty, staff, and trainees to improve the quality of care delivered at UCM. The HIRO's poster, which was featured in the "Innovations in Equitable Care" session, focused on a case study in which the HIRO worked to improve the compliance of imaging in a large clinical trial. The symposium took place on the afternoon of Thursday, May 12th in the DCAM 4th floor atrium. We hope you were able to come check us out!