FAQ: What is the Ambra system and how can I use it to get copies of outside scans directly?

The UCM's Ambra system is a cloud-based "gateway" that allows the direct transmission of medical images between participating institutions. Copies of scans performed at a facility within our Ambra network can be uploaded to UCM's Ambra system electronically without the need for discs or other physical media. This can make the process of requesting and importing scans from outside institutions much easier and more efficient.

UCM's Ambra network currently includes the following Chicagoland institutions: Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Rush University Medical Center, University of Illinois Hospital (UIC), Loyola University Medical Center, and NorthShore University Health System.

Medical imaging exams performed at one of the institutions within our Ambra network can be forwarded to UCM's Ambra system electronically. Please note that UCM staff cannot initiate this transfer directly; that is, UCM staff are not able to access the Ambra system at another institution and pull copies of images on their own. The transfer must be initiated by staff at the originating institution. Thus, if you need to obtain a copy of a scan from an outside institution that is part of our Ambra network, you will need to reach out to that institution directly and ask them to push a copy of the scan in question to UCM's Ambra system.

Once a scan has been transferred to UCM's Ambra system, the HIRO is able to extract the images for use in clinical trials or research studies. When requesting a scan or exam that has been pushed to UCM's Ambra system, please include the Ambra accession number in your request (these accession numbers generally start with the prefix "AMB").

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