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FAQ: What services are not provided by the HIRO?

The HIRO does not take the place of your study coordinator, study nurse or data manager. The HIRO merely augments your current study team to make sure that your imaging requirements are met. The HIRO will not perform actions like enrolling patients in your study, conducting the informed consent process, preemptively scheduling scans without the direction of the study coordinator, etc. We simply provide your staff with the resources to ensure that your imaging is scheduled, performed, interpreted and collected successfully.

If you request de-identified/anonymized data and you do not specify subject ID numbers (or similar anonymous code numbers), the HIRO will create its own anonymous code numbers for your request (for additional details please click here). However, the HIRO will not maintain a code book for you. It is your responsibility to maintain your own records in this regard, and the HIRO highly recommends that you provide your own code numbers/subject IDs.

To utilize the HIRO's services, it is assumed that you already have or are in the process of obtaining IRB approval for your study (unless you would like to consult with the HIRO about the imaging requirements for a new study you are designing). For the Image Acquisition Team, it is assumed that the basic technical elements of your study or clinical trial, like your study schema, have already been created. The HIRO will review these elements and work with your study coordinator and research staff to determine how to best meet the imaging needs of your study. If you have any questions about the HIRO's services or about research imaging in general, please feel free to contact the HIRO at any time (hirohelp [at]

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