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FAQ: My study has very specific imaging requirements. How do I make sure that the proper scans are performed?

The HIRO will work with the appropriate Department of Radiology personnel to develop and implement any procedures or protocols required for your study imaging. If necessary, the HIRO will consult with an imaging physics team, imaging basic sciences faculty and clinical radiology support staff to ensure that your imaging requirements are met. Once the protocol for your study imaging has been established, the HIRO will continue to work with your group and the imaging sections to make sure all of your subjects are scanned appropriately and that the scans are of acceptable quality.

Please note that if your study has specific imaging requirements, you are highly advised to contact the HIRO as early as possible (especially if your study requires specialized CT, PET or MR imaging). Failure to do so may result in a delay in your sponsor site approval while we develop the necessary imaging protocols. Finally, it is important to note that occasionally the Department of Radiology may not be able to accommodate your specific imaging needs. This is generally due to either a lack of appropriate equipment or because the requested imaging protocol would result in clinically inferior imaging quality; the latter issue is usually a factor for study scans that require interpretation by a radiologist. The HIRO can work with you and the study sponsor to attempt to achieve a resolution in either case.

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