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FAQ: My study sponsor has requested a test scan or phantom scan in order to be qualified to enroll patients in the study. How can I get this done?

It is not uncommon for a study sponsor to request a "test scan," "dummy scan" or "phantom scan" prior to site approval. These are specialized scans that the sponsor uses to judge whether or not our imaging protocols meet their quality standards. These scans are usually acquired using a special calibration device called a phantom, although sponsors may occasionally request that the scan be acquired on a human volunteer. The HIRO can assist you with arranging and acquiring the appropriate test scan for your study.

Please note that test scans on human volunteers require that the volunteer be consented under the study protocol in question, and the Radiology Department may seek reimbursement for the scan. For our policy concerning test scans on healthy volunteers, please see the Policies and Guidance Documents section of our site.

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