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FAQ: Can I get "raw" image data and/or data that is not stored in the clinical PACS from the HIRO?

Sometimes. The HIRO is generally currently only able to provide users with copies of images that have been stored on the Medical Center's clinical PACS. If the images or data desired are not or cannot be stored in the PACS, the HIRO may not be able to provide you with copies of them. This may include images produced by scanners or devices that are not connected to the clinical PACS, image data that cannot currently be stored in the clinical PACS (like MR spectroscopy data, for example), and some types of "raw" or unprocessed data that is only stored natively on the scanners themselves. We also occasionally find that images that should have been stored and archived to the PACS are "missing." This is generally due to errors during the original archiving process (i.e., the data was accidentally deleted after the scan was performed but before it was sent to the PACS, the data was inadvertently never sent to the PACS, etc). Because the data never made it to the PACS, it is effectively lost and the HIRO is unable to provide copies.

We are often able to make exceptions, and we are always working to make as much image data available as possible. As new types of image data become available through the HIRO, we will make announcements on our website. If you have any questions about the image data you need or if you would like to know if it's possible for the HIRO to retrieve it, please don't hesitate to contact us (hirohelp [at]

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