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FAQ: How can I use the HIRO’s services and how will they benefit my study?

To begin using the HIRO's services, you simply need to contact us at 2-9172 or send an email to our general query address at hirohelp [at] Based on your needs, we will determine how to further route your study. Often we will schedule a consultation meeting with your study group to discuss the details of your study and to determine the best ways for both your group and the HIRO to guarantee successful study imaging. To utilize many of the HIRO's image retrieval services, you simply need to create an account on our website and register your study with us.

Using the HIRO to facilitate your imaging needs provides you with a variety of tools and support options that will help ensure successful imaging. The HIRO works closely with the faculty and staff of the Department of Radiology as well as many other departments and sections that perform medical imaging procedures, and it has developed extensive connections within the University’s basic science community. As a result, the HIRO can be a tremendous technical and administrative resource for your study’s imaging components, and it will work to make sure that your imaging needs are met in an efficient, accurate and consistent manner and with the fastest turnaround possible.

If your study involves image acquisition, the HIRO can also assist in the identification of a "primary radiologist" for your study who can collaborate with you for any clinical imaging issues related to your study, including issues such as scan interpretation, tumor measurement and radiology-related study design. If you are interested in finding a scientific or clinical collaborator within the Department of Radiology, the HIRO can assist with this as well.

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