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Step 3: Obtaining Accounts

To use HIRO services, you will need to create a HIRO account. Once you create an account, a Principal Investigator (PI) can add you to an IRB protocol that has been registered with the HIRO and you will have access to the systems and services that the PI has specified for you. Creating an account involves three simple steps: (1) create an account using the HIRO website form, (2) receive your password in an email that the HIRO website sends you, and (3) await the completion of the account validation process.

Step A: Create an account using the online form

You can access the HIRO account registration form by clicking the "Log In" button at the top of the page and then clicking on the "Create New Account" tab. Alternatively, you can use the link shown to the right of this text.

The registration page includes the following fields:

  • Username: This will be the login name that you will use for the HIRO system.
  • E-mail address: This is the on-campus / in-hospital email address at which you will receive HIRO email. This email address will also be used by principal investigators when they add you to their registered IRB protocols.
  • Name, Office Building or Street Address, Office Room Number, Telephone Number, Academic Department, Job Title: These are reasonably self-explanatory. All addresses, room numbers, and telephone numbers should reflect your on-campus or in-hospital location.
  • UCHAD Account ID: If you have a UChicago Medicine computer system login name (under the UCHAD domain), please enter it here (please do not enter your password here). A UCHAD login name is required to use Electronic Honest Broker, and may also be necessary to access the iBroker system. If you do not have a UCHAD account but need one, please use the hospital's System Access Request Form (SARF) system at "". The category of access that you need on the SARF (under "System Access Information") is "UCMC Login ID".

Step B: Your HIRO username and password will be sent

To verify that your email address is active (and belongs to you), the HIRO website will send you an automated email message with your username, password, and additional instructions. You should use this message to log into the HIRO system. If you do not receive this email message within a few minutes after creating your account, please make sure it hasn't been stopped by your spam filter. If you haven't received the message and you are confident that it is not being blocked by your spam filter, please contact the HIRO directly (hirohelp [at] bsd [dot] uchicago [dot] edu).

Step C: Account Validation

In order to access data and other accounts via the HIRO, we will need to verify the account details you provided when you created your account. This process is called "validation," and it provides an additional level of security for you and for the HIRO. We are generally able to complete this process within 48 hours of account registration. Once the validation process is complete, your account will be considered fully active.

To view a detailed tutorial of the entire HIRO account creation process, please click here.

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